Actin Brand New…💅🏾

It has come to my attention that the urban community can consider you “acting brand new” if you decide at some point in your life that a particular crowd, action, living arrangement, style etc. no longer fits who you are. For example you may have hung out with individuals that took part in illegal activities,Continue reading “Actin Brand New…💅🏾”

Some Dope Black Girl 📸 (Galleria)

Writer’s Block 🖊 📄

Artist and creators of all sorts at some point in their career face a “creative drought”. Writer’s and musicians are more prone to this than any due to having to entirely concoct a story in our heads. It’s not that things aren’t still influencing us daily that we would love to transcribe into our ownContinue reading “Writer’s Block 🖊 📄”

What’s the Tea? ☕️

Grand Rising! Welcome to my blog I hope you enjoy the TRUTH. An acquired taste and hard to find now days. Nothing is unheard of but still we lie about our sexuality, finances, desires, pet-peeves, wants and intentions. Some dope black girl writes about it ALL…candidly and unashamed. Enjoy 💋