Consequential Events: “Where It Started, Is All That’s Left” 📸(Galleria)

I like it rough…💪🏾

Do you ever wonder why sex is so taboo? I mean, we literally ALL do it, HAVE done it, will do it AGAIN or made a decision NOT to do it. You can access pornography for FREE straight from your web browser and learn more than you EVER would in a middle school Sex EdContinue reading “I like it rough…💪🏾”

What’s the Tea? ☕️

Grand Rising! Welcome to my blog I hope you enjoy the TRUTH. An acquired taste and hard to find now days. Nothing is unheard of but still we lie about our sexuality, finances, desires, pet-peeves, wants and intentions. Some dope black girl writes about it ALL…candidly and unashamed. Enjoy 💋