God is in ME, I AM SHE ✨

The most true reason I chose to live a life of honesty and realistic idealism is that I have never appreciated the moralistic values of society. Who made them? Who decided they would be set for our entire universe? Who decided what was “good” and “bad”. “God”. God did. He set forth his disciple Jesus on earth to tell us what we should do in order to gain acceptance into the after life and not be damned to a fiery pit of everlasting flame and undying worms. Thee end.

The very things we are to look away from? Kayne said it best “Why everything that’s spose’ to be bad make me feel so good?”. Or do they? Who is God? Who are his parents? Did they learn him up in this way also? Where is his lineage? ………………..By no means am I am an atheist or a non believer of Christ.

However, the “Holy Spirit” is where my loyalty is kissed. The SPIRIT I feel this is within us all. A set of common sense laws within our own selves that tells us the obvious. I speak with no intentions of blasphemy but sometimes…..do you ever feel like God? What if when the great book states “he made US in his image” it was to say that US are HIM in the sense that we all have a part of who GOD actually is meaning he is partly US and PARTLY SPIRIT.

As I experienced the conception, pregnancy and birth of my son I felt an overwhelming power. Graciously in the physical but mostly my mental growth escalated past what I have ever imagined. The things I understand and the emotions and senses I collect from things, people and places has heightened my awareness to certain laws that never meant a thing to me before. For example as God adored Adam and Eve he must have been enthralled with their innocence and naive outlook on their presence. Like my child I adore him, I pray he never encounters the tree of good and evil and learns about the mistakes the world has made. The mistakes his mommy has made.

Skipping line… 📚

Original Photography By: Some Dope Black Girl Writes, “Skipping Line”, Copyright, 2020 (See site galleria)

Unfortunately, in the African-American community it is an unspoken vibe that if you decided to pursue your education past the status of High School Graduate or even Associates Degree you must either “have money”, “Be smart” or “Did not get it out the mud” (meaning you did not struggle to the top as others did without education to establish a role of leadership or status) rather you “skipped the line”. If you refer to my previous blog entitled: Rumor Has It, You’re Voting For TRUMP! BUT YOU’RE BLACK!! I speak about how blacks subconsciously uphold the “Crabs in a Bucket” stigma meaning they turn on one another at the drop of a dime, just as crabs in a boiling pot of water, some of us will constantly pull one another down when it appears they are getting closer to the rim of the “pot” instead of climbing each other’s backs and getting out one by one, altogether. What baffles and intrigues me the most about this issue is that times have long changed since blacks were not permitted to attend educational establishments, to the point that whole HBCU’s (Historically Black College Universities) have been built in honor of those that lead the revolution towards awarding a chance of higher learning for African American’s. Numerous scholarships, grants, loan options and even donations are offered to minorities annually to attend higher learning, yet and still some simply do not take advantage of these opportunities and it is the fault of those that DID!

EXCUSE: “Im not smart enough for college”

ME: Most people in college are not super smart! I achieved a 2.6 GPA in High school and had to beg my math teacher for a C so that I could graduate on time.

EXCUSE: “I need to make money NOW, I don’t have time to sit in anybody classroom”

ME: How long have you been working without higher education? How much do you make? How much does the person at your job with a degree make? How long has he been there? Probably not even as long as YOU!

EXCUSE: “It’s too late for me to go to school, I got kids and responsibilities and a job during the day, I don’t have time.

ME: Online education is the easiest thing I have ever done! I wish I could have completed my undergrad online however, I needed the discipline of residency to achieve the grades I needed to maintain my scholarship, if I had stayed home at 18 and tried to go to school online I would not have made it. I completed the entirety of my Master’s ONLINE!

EXCUSE: School is too expensive and I don’t have the credit to take out a loan/don’t want to take out a loan, I heard you pay on student loans until the day you die.

ME: I have completed 11 years of education and only owe $3,000! I obtained an Air Force Scholarship for my undergraduate degree, completed 4 years in the Air Force to pay back the money “in service for the military”, I utilized Tuition Assistance (TA) while I was in the Air Force to complete some of my Masters courses for FREE, the rest I paid out of pocket, one class at a time until they were paid up. I should have completed both degrees in less than 7 years however, due to paying out of pocket I had to take them as I could afford to take them.

I do understand that college is not for everyone and it is indeed very tedious and demanding however, so is working daily, completing the same task as your supervisor/boss IF NOT MORE for a WHOLE LOT LESS!!! I can not count the amount of times I entered a position automatically as the supervisor or boss in charge simply based on my experience AND EDUCATION. Even though every time I received some dirty looks or overheard slick comments such as “How did she end up in that position and I been working here 10 YEARS!” I do not believe I skipped the line at all by investing in myself and accepting the SET BACK for a SET UP! Stop being bitter and invest in yourself TODAY ALSO!! IF NOT then SHUT UP and continue to flip fries, burgers, and wipe down counter-tops while the boss that doesn’t even know what temperature food should be kept at makes double your paycheck because they have an “underwater basket weaving” DEGREE!!! Jus sayin

“Worms” 🪱

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Actin Brand New…💅🏾

It has come to my attention that the urban community can consider you “acting brand new” if you decide at some point in your life that a particular crowd, action, living arrangement, style etc. no longer fits who you are. For example you may have hung out with individuals that took part in illegal activities, liked to hang out in the streets, go to clubs Wednesday through Saturday but now, you have found a new purpose in life. Is it that you truly are acting stuck up? Or are they low key jealous that you have outgrown their situations? Why are you never accused of acting “brand new” when you are doing extremely bad or worse than them? Only when you’re doing better? Please share how you feel..

“Loc Jewelry Queen”, Some Dope Black Girl Writes, copyright, 2020 (See site galleria)

Some Dope Black Girl 📸 (Galleria)

Some Dope Black Girl, Some Dope Black Girl Writes, Copyright,2020 (See site galleria)

Writer’s Block 🖊 📄

Artist and creators of all sorts at some point in their career face a “creative drought”. Writer’s and musicians are more prone to this than any due to having to entirely concoct a story in our heads. It’s not that things aren’t still influencing us daily that we would love to transcribe into our own melody or plot, but that’s just it…..SO MUCH IS HAPPENING! Even when it seems life is simply droning on, when you look back years later it seems like only yesterday.

Recently I have been participating in meditation and channeling my own truth and honesty. As I stated in my blog entitled “True Happiness Isn’t For Everyone”, “Real happiness comes from acceptance. Accepting your mistakes even sometimes doing the unthinkable……dwelling on them!!” During my periods of writers block this is often times what I do. I reflect on my past lives and moments I felt extreme vibes and emotions. It is much easier to write literature in my opinion than to write music, yet and still writers have their own song. The ability to transcribe a time in your life by memory, detailed enough to engage someone else that is most times a perfect stranger is indeed an art. Even if the person knows you personally and enjoys your literature isn’t it amazing they want to know what you have to say.

“Knock, knock”, Some Dope Girl Writes, copyright 2020 (See site galleria)

Come at Me Bro!…🔥

Is it just me or has there been an unspoken thickness in the air between blacks and whites in the US of A. The paranoia and buying of weaponry is through the roof! Guns are priced $100-$200 more and bullets are sold out the same day they hit the floor. Everyone is gearing up, but for what?…everybody feels it in their gut, everybody is nervous as HELL! What the heck is about to go down in the United States y’all? The video below is clearly a threat.

Are white supremest, KKK members, red-necks, good ol-boys whatever else you call them, really planning to try and overtake the black community? The civil war was fought and won centuries ago yet here we are still fighting for citizenship in a country we NEVER WANTED TO BE IN! I’m so afraid that this sort of stance will get MANY killed. As stated before in my post “The NEW Religion” it won’t be the same as it was in the past, the Black panthers, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks even Harriet Tubman got NOTHING on us now! It would be a suicide mission to attempt to oppress ANY culture or race at this point….but especially….US.

Rumor Has It, You’re Voting For TRUMP! BUT YOU’RE BLACK!! ♥️💚🖤💛

Did anyone MISS the debate between Trump and Biden? It seems to be all anyone can talk about these past few days. More political campaign cardboard signs are crowding the corners of every intersection than Wal-Mart carts behind a Food Lion! Most importantly there is an undeniable and devastatingly scary truth filling the air that regardless of who wins this election (because the third candidate is irrelevant at this point), the United States is about to be in some serious trouble!


Just when I was CERTAIN ALL BLACK AMERICANS felt the same as I do in regards to president Trumps ENDLESS slanders and shameless disclosure of how he feels about minorities including women, there are STILL AFRICAN-AMERICANS that WILL VOTE FOR TRUMP NEXT MONTH!!! Ignorance at its finest but yet and still THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT THAT! Some people have to see for themselves the carnage and brutal instability of being retaliated against simply for looking the wrong damn WAY on a SUNNY DAY!!

Historical fact: Did you know that the colonies that collected the Africans aboard the slave ships, would pay off other AFRICANS to lead their families, friends and loved ones away from their HOMES SO THEY COULD BE CAPTURED!! What the HELL!!!! Think about this for a minute and then think of how sometimes your OWN BROTHER OR SISTER can be your downfall! I love the skin I am in but LISTEN!! We are thee MOST unstable culture there is and I would love to debate in the comments section.


We, US BLACK AMERICANS turn on one another at the drop of a dime and family owned generational businesses among blacks are extremely rare! Every other race is able to own restaurants, nail salons, beauty supply stores, bodegas, mechanic shops, churches etc. but my brown skin people get jealous when they see blood doing better. Someone ALWAYS wants the upper hand. Which is why we often redeem a “crabs in a bucket affect”. This means just as crabs in a boiling pot of water we will constantly pull one another down who is getting closer to the rim of the pot instead of climbing each other’s backs and getting out one by one, altogether.


This Is America… ♥️🤍💙🖤

Original Photography By: Some Dope Black Girl, Copyright, 2020 (See site galleria)

True Happiness Isn’t For Everyone.. 🙃

If this title caught your eye I’m sure you are thinking “huh, what do you mean happiness isn’t for everyone? Am I one of those people?” Well…..are you??? OF COURSE happiness is for EVERYONE!!!!!! If you want it! Some appear happy but deep down loath others that TRULY ARE! And if the person(s) aren’t and simply pretending like you HOW WOULD YOU KNOW? You could be envying a mirage the whole time, causing you to chase something that doesn’t even exist.

Happiness comes and goes in my opinion, if you don’t believe me try having the best day ever and then get slapped with a Bill you forgot about that is now overdue which qualifies for a $20 late fee. See if your happiness doesn’t go stale for a moment until you realize you got the cash to pay it. You may still be a little salty but Atleast your lights will be on. This is what I call SHALLOW happiness.

The kind of happiness that is only available with stipulations. For example if you are ONLY happy when you have money, a romantic partner, new things, etc. that type of happiness is still legitimate but what it is based on isn’t always. Money comes and goes, partners could not last, new things get old and anything else you can think of materialistically. It serves it’s purpose but it still leaves a void that can only be filled with REAL HAPPINESS.

Real happiness comes from acceptance. Accepting your mistakes even sometimes doing the unthinkable……dwell on them!! Yes! Dwell on your mistakes, mishaps and misfortunes and when you are done realize…A MILLION OTHER PEOPLE have took the same L and now doing a helluva lot better and gone on to be truly happy.

Been through a divorce?

Been through a bankruptcy?

Dog died?


Hate your job and can’t stop getting in trouble?

Don’t have a job?


Lost a loved one?

It CAN GET BETTER! IF……you want it too. Dwell on your past and misfortunes and when you are done (2 days MAX) LET IT GO!!!!! Think about your NOW and what YOU need to be indefinitely HAPPY! If whatever makes you shallow happy could make you happy long term then do what it takes to keep that shallow thing, but understand it does NOT have to keep you. Have backup shallow things that can take its place should you lose it (not suggesting you get a back-up lover, that may not be wise, try a puppy or a great friend).

Last but not least BE KIND to yourself. Understand that everything that glitters isn’t gold and even if it is there is MORE THAN ENOUGH TO GO AROUND. Happiness is FREE that shallow thing isn’t. In order to have TRUE happiness you must dwell on the things that DIDN’T make you happy so you can be done sampling the bitterness you have been feeling about it all this time! Some people like to hold on to things, events, situations and fake competitions (competing with a person or persons that you BELIEVE have something you don’t) preventing them from true happiness. Not everyone is meant for true happiness because not many want to truly let certain things GO!