Wal-Mart Tales Part 1 ⛄️

I remember my days working at Wally World. I look back fondly and with a sense of humor at some of the circumstances and learnings I discovered within my two years employed as a salaried member of management! I had the pleasure of working at four different locations. One in North Dakota upon exiting the Air Force then relocated to South Georgia then Greensboro and back to South Georgia. Every store was different as well as the individuals that thrived there.

Names have been changed within this post to protect the character and individuals I will be discussing. However, I am sure that if they were to read this they would most clearly know who they are and perhaps others. I do not write this post with the intentions of demoralizing or shaming any person, especially since most are still currently people I would not mind knowing again. These stories are REAL and TRUE, some I speak of still giggling as I jot them here and others remind me why retail is simply NOT for me!

At my first location in North Dakota I was a bit nervous to be embarking upon a new career as a retail manager seeing that I had never worked a retail job in the past! I picked the job based on the salary that was offered which was roughly $76,000. Even though the city I was in had absolutely nothing worth doing, it was amazing to have that kind of cash to catch a flight OUT to some place else. The managers and employees were pretty down to earth and overall helpful. Except for the one that ASKED TO SEE MY BREAST IN THE BACKROOM! He was a married man and a well respected overnight supervisor. He was known to be stern while also approachable and sincere.

I remember like yesterday sitting in the office and him coming in and cutting the lights off!!! “WTF”. He cuts them back on then goes on to tell me how incredibly attractive I am and how he’d love to see my titts!! Now I can’t pretend I did not pick up on some of his looks and gestures beforehand but never took them seriously until then!! I quickly reminded him that he was married and at the time SO WAS I! He never approached me in this way again, but it was DEFINITLY awkward to see him at morning meetings and after hours shifts. I later found out he had been fired based on accusations of raping a young employee in his hotel room!

Another manager by the name of myesha ( remember names have been changed) had the most drama I had ever seen! She was married but her husband was a recovering PTSD veteran that often resulted in domestic violence to get his point across. Myesha would come in day after day with a bruised eyes or fatigue demeanor. This went on for several months until she did not show up for work. We called, texted, another manager even rode by her house. We later found out that she had been hospitalized due to her husband shooting her!

Myesha returned to work several months later and seemed in much better shape. She seemed a lot more energetic and happy go lucky than when she had worked there previously. A month later it was discovered that she was dating a guy in asset protection at the same store. This was labeled as fraternization and not allowed. However they continued to talk, until myesha began seeing her husband again. The drama continued six months before Myesha stopped coming to work again. Nobody heard a thing about her, assuming she had simply quit or her husband had finally killed her. About a year ago I was contacted by another staff member that worked with us at the store to learn she had been arrested for murder! Apparently she had murdered, chopped up and buried two people in Oklahoma with a male accomplice. The victims were Myesha’s NEW BOYFRIEND’S EX and HER LOVER! If that’s not spooky enough, I searched for her on google and she had her accomplice’s child in June of last year and currently awaiting trial with the potential of the death penalty in Texas.

Many of the employees were half hearted about their jobs and truly didn’t see the point in their positions besides gaining a check. Then there were some that took their jobs EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY! As if their shares in Wal-Mart depended on it! The front end and grocery departments were ALWAYS a war zone if you didn’t lose your mind trying to staff the front end, you would surely die in the freezer attempting to find the dairy that should have been delivered the night before!

Even in NORTH DAKOTA there was this tiny support manager named Joseph that would rather be in the Wal-Mart freezer than at home with his wife and kids. He resembled a leprechaun as he walked briskly to the freezer every morning to deliver the morning dairy to the freezers for customers. And by GOD IF ANYTHING WAS WRONG he damn near would want to call the dairy truck companies supervisor personally! Sam Walton himself would have told this guy to loosen up!

I earned some genuine friends from this store, some I still keep in touch with and think of as great folks. There are many other stories I’m sure I could tell about this location but the best has been delivered! Stay tuned for my Walmart tales part 2. It will be about my Greensboro location!!! SAVE MONEY LIVE BETTER FOLKS!

I’d Glady Drink Your Poison ☠️

Recently I wrote a blog entitled “Judgey Judy” and it explained how imperative it is to be careful the energy, vibes and overall aura’s you keep around you. How toxic environments and people can change you for the worst and continue to drain you of positive energy which is needed to live your own best life. I spoke on how it is naive to live your life based on stigmas however, NOT to judge a tree by the fruit it bares could result in even worst settings. It was not until I read a post from a fellow blogger, counselor and follower, entitled “ Toxic Relationship” by Laura Grigoruta that I realized EVERYONE IS TOXIC to SOMEONE, even YOU!

Some of the examples she offered as insight for characteristics to look for in individuals in our personal lives were:

  • The toxic person is always talking about themselves and their latest drama
  • The unhealthy person is always the victim of something/the ultimate pessimist
  • Toxic people are manipulative and judgmental
  • They are inconsistent, disrespectful and embarrassing at times
  • They never apologize for their actions (it’s always someone else’s fault)
  • An unhealthy person will make you feel like defending yourself
  • They are exhausting to be around (when you leave them you are extremely mentally over it)
  • Toxic people are not caring and selfish.
  • They lack empathy.

(Grigoruta, Toxic Relationships, 2020, https://lauragrigoruta.com/2021/01/10/toxic-relationship/ , accessed: January 14,2021). As I read each bullet it ironically felt almost like a shot fired PERSONALLY! I noticed as I read some of the characteristics to look for that most I PERSONALLY IDENTIFIED WITH at some point in my life. Has it ever occurred to you that while you are pruning your life of everyone that contains toxic traits TO YOU, you also contain TOXIC TRAITS for SOMEONE ELSE? Not all toxins are meant to mix, some can become combustible, I would equate this to a domestic violence type situation. However, some play very well. Some can become medicines to heal others or even one another. Just because someone is “toxic” for you does not necessarily mean they would be toxic for someone else….lessons learned.

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Where “FOREVER” Ends. 🪡

When someone says “I will love you forever”, “I will want you forever” or “we will forever be” what generally comes to mind is an extensive amount of time. Forever has been synonymous and interchangeably utilized to signify a permanence that only exist for the person making the statement. My forever and your forever may be two different things. “Forever more” is actually nothing more than a tinker bell effect rendering value to a word that is comparable to American money in China, if time does not agree. I have had the pleasure of experiencing several forevers in my lifetime, some are over and some I am still within. Some I adored and some I am thrilled are no more.

Forever could mean to the end of the lifetime of the individual, forever could mean until one finds something greater or forever could mean a sunken place or moment that seems to drone on forever and ever until it doesn’t. Meaning THAT particular forever is now over. Also meaning that forever, forever will, can and shall one day end.

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Adult Musical Chairs… 🪑

As a child you may have played the game “musical chairs”. The teacher assembled one less chair than the participants to ensure someone would be left without a seat when she stopped the music. This game would go on until the players were down to two and there was only one chair left. The winner was awarded a lollipop and sticker then class was dismissed.

In Adult Musical Chairs: All participants walk slowly around the ANSWER, the elephant in the room or the negative energy, darting nervous looks, sneakily pointing their toe in its direction or pretending not to see it at all. Until the music finally ends and someone must pull the plug. The twist on this game for adults is whoever is so lucky to be the FIRST to state the FACTS is an ASSHOLE. I guess this would be comparable to the child winning a time-out. I guess that’s why nobody is in a rush to tell the TRUTH anymore.

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Judgey Judy… 👃🏾

My sister and I had an interesting conversation at the brim of the new year, right before passing into 2021 and seemingly only pushing the door too with our foot. Not slamming it closed as we usually would with full force and permanence. But instead leaving just a small gap right where the door and the crown molding meet. The conversation was about my candor and extreme honesty in regards to things, people, places and actions of others that I do not approve of or find to be suitable for me or my presence. She sat in my car for nearly two hours, half exhausted with trying to drive her explanation home and half truly feeling she was reaching a new peak she had never reached previously with me, in the sense that I was even taking the time to listen to her thoughts regarding my outlook on life.

She lit her herbal concoction and inhaled deeply, searching the horizon for the next statement, unsure of how to make me “understand” that “the way I am” is simply “wrong”. I too searched for better explanations for “why I am the way I am” and not changing anytime soon. She exhaled slowly before starting again “Like…you just cant simply cut someone off because of what they are doing in their personal life that has nothing to do with you, especially if they have something of value that means more to your success or outcome mentally, physically, emotionally or financially”. I listened to what she said and thought deeply to myself before asking her “what could someone I do not agree with in how they live have that I could find so valuable, that I would not be able to get it elsewhere without the negative vibe or energy?”. “Are they the only person in the world with ANYTHING I could possibly need, that I must subject myself to them and their actions endlessly to obtain it?” She sat and thought before responding with a deep breath, “No, it’s not that you cant get it from somewhere else but why go through the hassle when you already have someone with it?”. Whether it be friendship, affection, love or support it should NEVER come with a side dish of grief or disrespect.

To me this is the same example as sticking your hand in a bee hive for natural honey when you could simply buy it from the store. No stings, no bites, no hassle and less mess! My energy is not for everyone and never has been, for this I am unapologetic. Some take me to be extremely judgmental and over-confident. This is often the critic thrown by those less confident and often feeling like the object of judgment either by myself or others. THIS AGAIN HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME!! The best take away in the year of 2020 was to “take nothing personally”. Even those that wrong you or take you for granted, it is simply NOT YOUR FAULT and has nothing to do with you! However, not to judge a tree by the fruit it bares would be going against not only my spirituality and relationship with the most high, but my own personal laws and truths I have found throughout the years through the suffering of trials, tribulations and circumstances that could have possibly been avoided by standing on this one idea that YOU DONT HAVE TO LIKE EVERYONE OR DEAL WITH THEM FOR ANYONES SAKE!

While I agree it is dangerous and naive to live one’s life purely based on stigma’s, it is also more ignorant not too. It does not make me a “Judgey Judy” because I have chosen to cut individuals out of my life whether they have something I find valuable or not due to the fact that I find MORE value in MYSELF! I do not need to play nice, deal with, tolerate messiness, moodiness, inconsistency, instability, negativity or bad vibes for ANYONE. I apologize that this comes off as finite and unfeeling however, it should in fact mean just the opposite. I care very much and feel extremely deeply, meaning I must preserve my emotions and spiritual well-being at all cost. Not just for myself but for my loved ones and friends that do not drive me to choose.

Before ending this post I must admit whole heartedly that it is NOT ALWAYS THE OTHER PERSONS FAULT we do not click or get along the same. Sometimes it could very well be MINE! I accept full fault and still make the decision to dismiss myself from the scene. The reality is it DOESNT MATTER! We are obviously not the same KIND of people and that is o.k. What isn’t is continuing to try to be when I have worked so hard to be THE KIND OF PERSON I AM.

Black Woman Mating Call!!! ⚧

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Him: Hey baby

She: Hey 👀

Him: You ok?

She: *rolls eyes*

Him: What’s wrong??

She: *smacks lips and walks away*

Him: *follows she*


Him: *cuts in front of her and grabs her shoulders* Yo STOP! What’s wrong with you? Why you trippin like that?!

She: *drops her head and starts to smile*

Him: *smacks lips* Bruh! Why do you do that dumb shit?! (Genuinely mad)

She: I just wanted to know you loved me…..


Just Do It… 💪🏾

This year I decided to make a different type of resolution. One that did not involve reiterating the same lies I’ve told myself previous years ie: I will work-out, lose weight, eat better, cut people off that mean me no good etc. I chose not to even stay awake till 12:00 a.m. as I usually would, to prove to myself that I made it. I was fast asleep by 8 p.m. and ate whatever the hell I wanted!

My resolution for 2021 was not to have a resolution AT ALL! To some this may be a normal epiphany and you haven’t made a resolution in years or NEVER have! It is to YOU I say “WOW I’d love to be more like YOU!” What I am just learning at the age of 32 some may never learn or already have. 2020 was full of chaos, confusion and uncertainty however, one thing I realized was that it did not take a “yearly marker”, certain time or place for me to decide to “Just Do It”.

In the mist of a worldwide Pandemic, National quarantine, TWO economic shutdowns and numerous untimely and unjustified deaths of African-Americans causing a nationwide riot I managed to have my first child with the love of my life, reestablish myself financially, start a small business, continue to own a home, buy two cars, plan a wedding, finally find a position that would pay me for my EDUCATION, maintain my own personal sanity and mental health while being mommy, daughter, wife, boss and entrepreneur!

This is not a post to brag, as some may think. It is a post to tell my story and why I am taking the road I have chosen to HONESTY and self awareness. Life is a strange occurrence in the sense that just when you think you know everything you find yourself totally clueless and learning all over again until you pass away. If this truly is the case then why not learn all you can? If you have been wanting to go to school DO IT! Wanting to get married DO IT! Wanting to start a business, join a club, ask someone out, leave a job, have another child, take a trip, move JUST DO IT!! Stop waiting for tomorrow or the next day. DEFINITLY stop waiting for NEXT YEAR!

Never Forgotten….but moving on… 🥀

As we embark upon a new year in less than 24 hours it would be hoo of us all to realize WE ALL STILL MAY NOT MAKE IT TO SEE 12:00 a.m. 1/1/21. It is an unfortunate truth that many do not realize until it is actually in front of you. Death, is a crazy vibe in itself, but what about those that are left to pick up the pieces they left behind such as: kid(s), loved ones, friends, family and perhaps even a spouse. Everyone does not experience grief the same even though it is noted that the five stages of grief are: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and finally Acceptance. I must say contrary to popular belief these stages are not always lineal and most often even ricochet over and over. Like a scorching pain shooting up your leg from hitting your knee against an end table, the sensation is both surprisingly hurtful and all you seem to be able to think about is when it will end.

The short answer to that question is: Never. This may not be what you wanted to hear but I do have great news, IT DOES GET BETTER!!! NO REALLY!! IT DOES…but it comes with time and everyone’s timeline is different. When I lost my father in 2018 at Duke Hospital in Raleigh to Acute Myeloid Leukemia I felt as though my life had just crashed and burned. All of a sudden I felt an overwhelming sense of fear! I know this sounds awkward but remember I said “Everyone does not experience grief the same”. I still remember what I was doing, what I was wearing, where I was and when I got the call that my father was no longer here in the physical form. I seemed to go through denial and anger instantly, skipped bargaining and went straight to depression before an overwhelming fear shuttered through my blood. I entered a state of delirium and even forgot that I was at home, I lost track of everything and felt like I was in the middle of a really horrible dream. It was not until I felt the phone still in my hand, the tears soaking my shirt and heard a voice that was screaming to the top of their lungs in an ear shattering anguish that I realized it was coming from my own throat, in my own home and I was not waking up because I had never fell asleep.

The most important thing to understand as you move past your hurt is that LIFE GOES ON and it’s O.K. While it may not be going on still for your loved one YOURS DOES. This is not to sound callus or lacksadazical in any way because I too must remind myself often, sometimes even daily. When the day your loved one passed on comes around you anticipate it and the depression and sadness it brings along in its purse. You can’t imagine EVER forgetting the day….until you do. As time and life goes on you may even find yourself forgetting the event of the day altogether and ACTUALLY have fun. The next day or days after you look at the calendar and a jolt of sickness hits you like the feeling you get when you realize you left your card in the ATM and you are now home! You forgot!!! You lived your life and didn’t even think about the depression you were supposed to have!! You took your kids out to eat, bought a new purse and even had sex!!! How dare you!!

Hopefully, you understood how sarcastic I was trying to be. I don’t mean to sound cliché but do you think your loved one would want you to be that way? If so you probably shouldn’t be experiencing grief at all, perhaps something different. You did NOT forget about your loved one, you may even still think about them daily. Your heart and spirit is now trying to place that person with you eternally and not on such a shallow level as exact dates that will no longer be celebrated the same. There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying to yourself “They will NEVER be forgotten…but I’m moving on”.

Baby M.A.M.A DRAMA 🎭 🤰🏾

In the African American community more so than any other we experience a great deal of women that unfortunately must take on the responsibility of raising a child on their own. They may have other supports such as family, loved ones and friends to assist but not always. These women are extremely strong mentally, physically and emotionally. The reasons fathers choose to exit their child(rens) lives are various but NONE seem to render a legitimate EXCUSE (they are ALL excuses btw). But before we rag on the men too much remember that SOMETIMES it is the other way around.

“Single fathers” or “Mr. Moms” seem to be a taboo topic for our community. Especially black men left to raise a daughter(s). It is often thought that the mother must have passed away; as if only this extreme would be the reason for a woman to abandon her child, when there are SEVERAL lifetime and hallmark movies about it and orphanages AREN’T EMPTY! Some women simply weren’t cut out for the job. Just because a female can produce doesn’t mean she can NURTURE. Hell even some animal species EAT THEIR YOUNG!

I have only been a mommy for 7 months and seem to already know more than some. It is sad to know that some mothers never took to motherhood or being able to sacrifice for the well-being of their child. Let’s take the fathers out of the equation since the old saying went “mothers baby, fathers maybe”. This was a quote to downplay the roll of a father and up play the role of a mother, which is DEFINITELY not fair but in some cases true. The twist to the plot is that now days it could be the complete opposite yet people seem to always believe the mothers side. Not all MOTHERS are mommys. Some truly are ONLY BABY MAMAS! I SAID WTF I SAID .

M- MAD at the world because she couldn’t keep her legs closed or get on some sort of birth control so she would stop having children she couldn’t and WONT take care of.

A- ATTITUDE for no reason at those that try to drop knowledge on her and help her HELP HERSELF AND HER KID(S). More than likely because she knows she is wrong but can’t find it in herself to do BETTER!

M- MANIACAL (yes it’s a real word and it is defined as a violent and extremely wild person). Women that have nothing to lose (not even the respect of their children) so they attempt to drag everyone else around them down as well and if it doesn’t work they lash out.

A- ADOLESCENT outlook PERIODT. Young and immature in nature, a child herself in the head so she was and STILL not prepared to take care of her child(ren).

Ladies DO BETTER!! Nobody cares if he was a “dog”, lied to you, hurt you, wasn’t who you thought he was etc. YOUR CHILD HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!!! They deserve the best they can obtain and if it isn’t with YOU then ATLEAST ensure it is with someone that will truly take care of them, love them and desire their company ALL THE TIME, not just when it’s convenient or cute for pictures. If the dad is the one that would like to take care of them LET HIM!!! Stop being bitter because it didn’t work out WITH YOU and he can be a bigger person for the soul of his babies. Go get HELP and hopefully come back to your responsibilities. Woman to woman and MOMMY to baby M.A.M.A.

“The Boy is Mine”… 🔪

Everyone loves to know that their significant other craves their attention, presence, aroma, vibes and aura. Most women even love to have a man that is a bit territorial and protective. Men also have a secret fantasy for “crazy girls” the ones that adore stalking you at work, going through your phone and hacking your social media. “Hey don’t shoot the messenger” I’m just saying, some individuals prefer a tighter leash than others so to speak. I have personally experienced the extremes of these dimensions up to and including being threatened at my place of employment by an ex, being stalked, being in a car chase for life and having to file a restraining order. So now I ask, “where is the line in the sand” between playful aggressive behavior and full blown FATAL ATTRACTION?. I was not one bit turned on by the occurrence of any of this! I was not driving 120 mph down a freeway trying to escape my crazed ex thinking “boy I never felt more alive”. In fact I thought I was actually going to die!

While it is usually understood at the start of a union that there is a certain level of respect necessary between two individuals in a relationship of some sort, it is often times NOT understood the boundaries each person abides by or feels are necessary. It is important to speak candidly about this as soon as the relationships begins to get “serious”. This includes: hanging out often (2-3x a week), talking or conversing on the phone daily, kissing often, spending the night and quality time after hours watching movies and eating popcorn, going out to eat together and calling them “dates” exchanging the words “I LOVE YOU” as well as having sex MORE THAN A ONE NIGHT STAND!!! I must say that not all people feel the examples I presented as traits of a “serious relationship” are true. Some feel NONE of these things mean a thing overall when describing or determining the intensity of a kinship. All I can say to this is THEY ARE USUALLY ONES THAT GET THE CRAZY INDIVIDUALS ON THEIR TEAM!!! I would probably be one of them if I ran across a person that did not think I constituted a level of loyalty and respect after ALL THIS!

However, this post is not about those that have commitment issues and lack substance regarding what a REAL relationship should consist of. This post is for those that are fine with boundaries, rules and loyalty for their significant other, only issue is their significant other TAKES THINGS TOO FAR! Some characteristics to look out for and not to take lightly when dating or entering a monogamous relationship are:

1) Controlling- What to wear, what to eat, what to do, where to go, how to act and who you can be around.

2) Abusive- Physical, Mental or Emotional abuse is NEVER OK, it is NEVER FUNNY and it will NEVER ONLY HAPPEN ONCE!!! Don’t believe the hype that they did not mean it or will never do it again because they will and it will continue until you pull the plug or decide enough is enough.

3) Hypocritical- Some abusive or aggressively dominant adults have a hard time practicing what they preach surprisingly. Some often lay out laws, rules and regulations that they themselves are not able to abide by. For example: They never want you to go to the club alone, yet they go alone all the time and blame it on the fact that YOU don’t know how to act, but they do, or YOU are not able to be trusted yet they are.

4) Unstable- Personality disorders are alot more common than most realize, most times we joke around and tell someone they must be bi-polar due to going from one extreme of happiness to the next extreme of deep depression for example if they suddenly think of something sad such as a lost loved one, a failed marriage, a severed relationship etc. These personality fluctuations are normal and come once in a while however, if your significant other constantly has mood swings that include: lashing out physically, yelling, screaming, spewing demeaning comments about you or leaving the relationship only to beg for you to come back. These behaviors are a level of instability that you should NOT be obligated to deal with in your personal life.

5) History- I am a firm believer not to judge a book by its cover and lets face it all of us have a past. If your significant other has a history of being physically abusive, having drinking issues, being a drug-abuser or any other inappropriate conduct this must be seriously considered before accepting a deeper relationship status offer. Also you should first think of these instances before entering a romantic relationship with them AT ALL!