“Infamously Famous” 🌟

So….I did a thing….I recently took the liberty of deleting every last one of the celebrities I follow, from all of my social media platforms, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, TikTok or Twitter. When I say “recently” I am meaning within the last month. However, just in this short amount of time, believe it or not, I have seen and felt a TREMENDOUS burden become lifted off of my shoulders. In the sense that I have felt less depressed, less “unsuccessful” and MORE ACCOMPLISHED, MORE POSITIVE, MORE AMBITIOUS and MORE REALISTIC about my OWN goals! I can’t lie, for the first couple of days I went through somewhat of a “withdrawal” process due to always looking to celebrities to tell me what I “should be doing”, “how I should look” and “what I should be talking about and aiming for”.

However, the longer I refrained the stronger I felt about my decision and now I NEVER want to go back to looking at celebrities on social media platforms for entertainment or inspiration, unless the celebrity is someone that follows the SAME morals and promotes a message I can TRULY stand behind! How often are we bombarded with Celebrity media ie: pictures, post and news about their lives? “Who they are dating, Where they have recently visited for vacation and what they did there, What new car they have purchased, How many bedrooms their new home has, What piece of jewelry they have recently purchased, When they are expecting their next child, When and who they are getting married too and where”!





I wish I could say I came to this conclusion on my OWN accord; and was not prompted by anything other than the will and desire to do, feel and be better however, as most things…..the credit for this epiphany goes to no other than the INFAMOUSLY FAMOUS BEYONCE!!! LOL recently she decided NOT to attend the Met Gala or the VMA Awards due to going on a family trip to celebrate her 20th Anniversary with her long time partner/ Husband Jay-Z as well as her children, mother and other close friends of the family. They took pictures for social media seemingly everyday for over two weeks in a variety of outfits from casual chill to lavish dinner party style gear. All on the bow of a yacht that is rumored to cost several millions of dollars meaning for a night it probably cost more than most of us pay for the mortgage on our homes for the MONTH!

As if this was not enough she is also posting non-stop videos advertising her new role as the face of Tiffany & Co. the new “Love Series” featuring her and Jay-Z at a grand piano in front of an exquisite work of art playing the role of two completely engulfed lovers that have “stood the test of time”………”bruh”……as if a whole “Lemonade” album did not rock the nation as Beyonce went on for over 20 songs about how Jay-Z was a liar, cheater and she was ready to hit the streets as a “Single Lady” again not too long ago! “Now they are the icon of what a marriage and “love” can sustain”.

Here is the kicker, Tiffany & Co. states they have decided to utilize Beyonce in an effort to make the company more appealing to younger crowds and audiences……sounds good….BUT WHO THE HELL IS BUYING 3K worth of DIAMOND EARRINGS, BRACELETS, AND RINGS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!

We are literally just now crawling out from the abyss of a WORLD-WIDE PANDEMIC and NATIONAL QUARINTINE that affected MILLIONS financially, emotionally and physically!! We are still getting stipend checks and child assistance money to support our families as they begin to lift the deferment for rent and payment for living arrangements that was put in place for those that were not able to pay their monthly expenses due to being out of work….and HERE BEYONCE COMES WITH SOME DAMN DIAMONDS ON A YACHT!!!!! Extraordinary way to tell us “normal” folks to kiss your ass B…you clearly lost no sleep during this time and perhaps even was able to spend a bit of time with your family for ONCE! Instead of charging ignorant prices for your FANS to see you for a couple of hours! I guess it’s a great look for you while others are still trying to plan how they will pay their bills and keep a roof over their children’s heads all while awaiting your next album of fabricated and entertaining stories via song to base their lives off of….

Not to mention, the ungodly sized yellow Tiffany Diamond Beyonce chose to flaunt around her neck is in fact a BLOOD DIAMOND, meaning it was mined and harvested under unethical and inhuman conditions from the slaves (that still exist) of Sierra Leon. So….let me get this right….One minute the artist is singing about BLACK LIVES MATTER and BLACK IS KING and the next she sports a BLOOD DIAMOND?? Her “mother” (rumored to be Beyoncé commenting from her mommy’s page since she is to vane and afraid to tell the world how she REALLY FEELS) quickly came to her rescue when Social Media had a field day about the singer’s misrepresentation and hypocritical stance stating “who checks the history of a diamond before they buy it. As if to say “Those that can afford the diamonds do not care about where it came from”. Then the post went silent…..

Needless to say mommy stepped down and shut up when other’s jumped on her case about her statement as if WE are supposed to research OUR diamonds before we buy them (If we can afford them) instead of admitting that Beyonce (A) took the deal (MORE MONEY) for an offer she couldn’t refuse from Tiffany & Co, (B) didnt’t care about the history of the stone because she would be the FIRST black woman to wear it, which meant much more to her than her culture and heritage or (C) BOTH! Beyonce is “not an ordinary” woman she is BEYONCE! Supposedly, the greatest ENTERTAINER of all time one minute and then should be given benefit of the doubt the next as if she is stupid enough not to know what she is showcasing after ALL THESE YEARS manipulating the public with what she WANTED them to know about her if it is even TRUE! …..yea….I don’t think so…

In closing people should focus on THEMSELVES and their REAL lives! Not the imaginary lives of the rich and famous that must put on DAILY to keep up the perception that “life is great ALL THE TIME”. If this were the case celebrities would not go bankrupt, commit suicide, get divorced or adopt drug abuse habits. Instead of envying or comparing your life to their filtered and staged pics be grateful for the fact that you do NOT have to pay for privacy the way they do to simply have a family dinner or spend intimate time with your friends and loved ones. The things you take for granted are SOMEONE ELSES treasure…imagine having MILLIONS and still being alone. Happens more than you think because that isn’t pasted on the internet 👌🏾

Published by Some Dope Black Girl Writes....

"Some dope black girl writes" is inspired by the everyday life of a melanated, educated and sophisticated young woman living in an era where she is too young to remember slavery, segregation or "White's Only" locations but now old enough to be terrified at what may come again. Are our people strong enough this time to LIVE not just survive?

7 thoughts on ““Infamously Famous” 🌟

  1. Recently my Instagram was hacked and I had to create a new one. I still follow famous people but I realize I’m not on social media as much as I would normally be. I’ve decided to focus on myself and my family and my creativity. I have all these things in my home that I’ve purchased but don’t take the time to use because I’m so distracted on social media. I’ve challenged myself to only use social media at certain times and I’ve gotten so much done since I started doing this.

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    1. That is great to hear queen! I am so happy you are working on your PURPOSE and following your dreams 🙏🏾 that is TRUE wealth!✨🤞🏾

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  2. They live in a world that is not realistic. The riches people on the planet are also often the most unhappiest. Just imaging people all ways trying to find dirt on you, following you around. Stuff does not make you happy. You would be surprised how many people in the world have never had a hot shower, go to bed hungry and get no health care. I stopped wearing even my wedding ring after I saw the movie blood diamonds. Young children and teenagers literally die so rich people can buy diamonds. Good for you I would say you are getting in a better place. Hugs 🤗 Joni

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    1. Thank you so much for your RESPONSE!!! Yes it is truly upsetting that entertainers and celebrities get paid more than the TRUE hero’s of the world like doctors, nurses, teachers, mental health specialist etc. smh It is a shame that singing a song or playing a sport wins you fame while those that bust their butts day in and day out still struggle to make it all while setting aside funds to sponsor celebrities while they make millions!!!! smh it’s sickening.

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  3. “Following super stars in the rich and famous equation
    deprives you of using your creativity and innovation
    comprising your talents and skills
    98% of super stars were born in the ghetto
    with no more talent than you
    *&* just like they are rich and famous
    you can exceed them.”_-Van Prince

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    1. You are absolutely CORRECT my friend, I just got sick and tired of feeling as if I was NOTHING because I was not on a yacht like Beyonce or couldn’t afford half the things celebrities flaunt in our faces with OUR money that has went to supporting them while they talk about how “WE” need to get a life smh….


      1. Never think because another may have more status and finance than you make them better than you,but they have produced success through hard work comprising their talent and skills. Principle, loyalty, being trustworthy, and having character and integrity makes you who you are, and money and fame allows you to live and not merely exist. Some people started off with less then you and they not only survive but conquered. You took the first step by having the courage and determination to be a leader and not a follower and *Congrats* & *Honors*!!

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