“When Doves Cry” 🕊

Recently I was watching the movie “The Last Dragon”. This film is a cult classic, fictional tale involving a young black male by the name of “Bruce Leroy” that enjoys studying martial arts. He somehow is in the right place at the wrong time and bumps into Lora (Vanity) a popular singer and star of a make believe t.v. music show called “Seven Heaven”. It never dawned on me that the same Vanity that played Lora was also the same Vanity that dated the singer Prince for a number of years and was the real person behind his made up co-star Apollonia in his autobiographical film “Purple Rain”.

I recalled hearing a few years ago that Vanity had passed away due to kidney failure. However, there was nothing more said about it. I reflected on reading a book entitled “The Heroine Diaries: One year in the life of a shattered Rock Star” that she dated the lead singer Nikki Sixx of the Motley Crue after dating Prince for three years, with Nikki she became addicted to drugs such as Heroine, cocaine etc. She had stared in several films, as well as had a hit song entitled “Nasty Girl” which was utilized in the background of the stripper scene in Beverly Hills Cop as well as every other 80’s sex scene! However, never hitting the mark of stardom required to be a household name such as Prince aka “the symbol” or the Motley Crue she became an evangelist and before her passing become encompassed in saving souls for the Lord.

It’s cool she decided to give her life to Christ before her home going. It goes to show us all that no matter what you have been through or what life you have lived you are never too lost for the most high! Money does not buy happiness and at the end of the day ALL must go through him. But before I begin PREACHING, let me continue! Two months later Prince was found dead in the elevator of his residence at Paisley Park. He passed the SAME AGE as Vanity and only TWO MONTHS LATER!

Prince had been married after vanity but after his wife suffered two miscarriages it tore their marriage apart and they divorced. There are no reports of Prince remarrying and he had no children. Vanity didn’t have much luck in love either, she was previously married also to former Raiders NFL player and convicted murderer Anthony Smith they divorced a year after marrying. Both Prince and Vanity continued to be close friends as well as found religion as a common ground to deepen their relationship and bond.

With this being said, this is only my speculation but is it possible that Prince overdosed on Opiods because he could not live without Vanity? They passed at the same age, same year, two months apart and Prince claimed to have named Vanity “Vanity” because she was the female image of himself. Similar to Romeo and Juliet could Prince have heard of Vanity’s passing and become engulfed in depression? The last person Prince supposedly spoke to before he passed was Will Smith. Will never divulged the conversation they had the day before he was found dead however, could he have told him how hurt he was about losing the unofficial love of his life and friend Vanity?

Prince spoke briefly about the passing of Vanity stating “She loved me for the artist I was, I loved her for the artist she was trying to be” a bit vain and even boastful in the sense that it seems he is undercutting the ARTIST SHE ACTUALLY WAS. She was an actor, singer, dancer and pastor. How could he not have been happy for her accomplishments as she was happy for his. Perhaps this is why it never worked between them romantically.

Published by Some Dope Black Girl Writes....

"Some dope black girl writes" is inspired by the everyday life of a melanated, educated and sophisticated young woman living in an era where she is too young to remember slavery, segregation or "White's Only" locations but now old enough to be terrified at what may come again. Are our people strong enough this time to LIVE not just survive?

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    1. Thank you so much!!! Yes it was interesting to learn this!!! I did a little digging and was amazed at how it was never assumed before!! It’s too coincidental ♥️♥️♥️Have a blessed day as well!! And thanks for the comment and follow!!!⭐️

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