“Honey Can You Wash My Back” 📸 (Galleria)

Original Photography By: Some Dope Black Girl Writes “Honey Can You Wash My Back?” Copyright 2021

Published by Some Dope Girl Writes....

"Some dope black girl writes" is inspired by the everyday life of a melanated, educated, sophisticated young woman living in an era where she is too young to remember slavery, segregation or "White's Only" locations but now old enough to be terrified at what may come again. Are our people strong enough this time to LIVE not just survive?

9 thoughts on ““Honey Can You Wash My Back” 📸 (Galleria)

      1. I am currently working on my African American children’s book entitled “Same Kind of People” ❤️💚🖤💛 I will keep y’all posted!!! 💪🏾⭐️thanks for the comment!!!💙💙💙


      2. Yes!!! I am originally from Camp Lejeune! Jacksonville has grown a little but still not much!!! 💔thanks for the comment and follow!💚💚💚

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