Where “FOREVER” Ends. 🪡

When someone says “I will love you forever”, “I will want you forever” or “we will forever be” what generally comes to mind is an extensive amount of time. Forever has been synonymous and interchangeably utilized to signify a permanence that only exist for the person making the statement. My forever and your forever may be two different things. “Forever more” is actually nothing more than a tinker bell effect rendering value to a word that is comparable to American money in China, if time does not agree. I have had the pleasure of experiencing several forevers in my lifetime, some are over and some I am still within. Some I adored and some I am thrilled are no more.

Forever could mean to the end of the lifetime of the individual, forever could mean until one finds something greater or forever could mean a sunken place or moment that seems to drone on forever and ever until it doesn’t. Meaning THAT particular forever is now over. Also meaning that forever, forever will, can and shall one day end.

Original Photography: Some Dope Black Girl Writes, Spine, Copyright 2020 (View Galleria)

Published by Some Dope Black Girl Writes....

"Some dope black girl writes" is inspired by the everyday life of a melanated, educated and sophisticated young woman living in an era where she is too young to remember slavery, segregation or "White's Only" locations but now old enough to be terrified at what may come again. Are our people strong enough this time to LIVE not just survive?

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