Adult Musical Chairs… 🪑

As a child you may have played the game “musical chairs”. The teacher assembled one less chair than the participants to ensure someone would be left without a seat when she stopped the music. This game would go on until the players were down to two and there was only one chair left. The winner was awarded a lollipop and sticker then class was dismissed.

In Adult Musical Chairs: All participants walk slowly around the ANSWER, the elephant in the room or the negative energy, darting nervous looks, sneakily pointing their toe in its direction or pretending not to see it at all. Until the music finally ends and someone must pull the plug. The twist on this game for adults is whoever is so lucky to be the FIRST to state the FACTS is an ASSHOLE. I guess this would be comparable to the child winning a time-out. I guess that’s why nobody is in a rush to tell the TRUTH anymore.

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Published by Some Dope Black Girl Writes....

"Some dope black girl writes" is inspired by the everyday life of a melanated, educated and sophisticated young woman living in an era where she is too young to remember slavery, segregation or "White's Only" locations but now old enough to be terrified at what may come again. Are our people strong enough this time to LIVE not just survive?

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