True Happiness Isn’t For Everyone.. 🙃

If this title caught your eye I’m sure you are thinking “huh, what do you mean happiness isn’t for everyone? Am I one of those people?” Well…..are you??? OF COURSE happiness is for EVERYONE!!!!!! If you want it! Some appear happy but deep down loath others that TRULY ARE! And if the person(s) aren’t and simply pretending like you HOW WOULD YOU KNOW? You could be envying a mirage the whole time, causing you to chase something that doesn’t even exist.

Happiness comes and goes in my opinion, if you don’t believe me try having the best day ever and then get slapped with a Bill you forgot about that is now overdue which qualifies for a $20 late fee. See if your happiness doesn’t go stale for a moment until you realize you got the cash to pay it. You may still be a little salty but Atleast your lights will be on. This is what I call SHALLOW happiness.

The kind of happiness that is only available with stipulations. For example if you are ONLY happy when you have money, a romantic partner, new things, etc. that type of happiness is still legitimate but what it is based on isn’t always. Money comes and goes, partners could not last, new things get old and anything else you can think of materialistically. It serves it’s purpose but it still leaves a void that can only be filled with REAL HAPPINESS.

Real happiness comes from acceptance. Accepting your mistakes even sometimes doing the unthinkable……dwell on them!! Yes! Dwell on your mistakes, mishaps and misfortunes and when you are done realize…A MILLION OTHER PEOPLE have took the same L and now doing a helluva lot better and gone on to be truly happy.

Been through a divorce?

Been through a bankruptcy?

Dog died?


Hate your job and can’t stop getting in trouble?

Don’t have a job?


Lost a loved one?

It CAN GET BETTER! IF……you want it too. Dwell on your past and misfortunes and when you are done (2 days MAX) LET IT GO!!!!! Think about your NOW and what YOU need to be indefinitely HAPPY! If whatever makes you shallow happy could make you happy long term then do what it takes to keep that shallow thing, but understand it does NOT have to keep you. Have backup shallow things that can take its place should you lose it (not suggesting you get a back-up lover, that may not be wise, try a puppy or a great friend).

Last but not least BE KIND to yourself. Understand that everything that glitters isn’t gold and even if it is there is MORE THAN ENOUGH TO GO AROUND. Happiness is FREE that shallow thing isn’t. In order to have TRUE happiness you must dwell on the things that DIDN’T make you happy so you can be done sampling the bitterness you have been feeling about it all this time! Some people like to hold on to things, events, situations and fake competitions (competing with a person or persons that you BELIEVE have something you don’t) preventing them from true happiness. Not everyone is meant for true happiness because not many want to truly let certain things GO!

Published by Some Dope Black Girl Writes....

"Some dope black girl writes" is inspired by the everyday life of a melanated, educated and sophisticated young woman living in an era where she is too young to remember slavery, segregation or "White's Only" locations but now old enough to be terrified at what may come again. Are our people strong enough this time to LIVE not just survive?

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