So TODAY I chose to write a blog about JUST FOCUSING ON TODAY…not tomorrow, not yesterday, not next week or any point in the past or future. Sometimes I believe people get overwhelmed simply by planning for the unplannable or constantly reminiscing about events that can no longer be changed or altered. What difference does it make what happened last year, when you have a whole new year ahead of you complete with all new task, goals and responsibilities. When you focus on life day by day it becomes less daunting to think about the future, why? Because you have prepared without even knowing you were preparing. You commit to TODAY for TOMORROW by simply focusing on the plan of TODAY. Allowing tomorrow to ALWAYS be free for the surprises life throws at you, that sometimes prevents us from doing what we had “planned” to do, pushing it to the next day and the next day and the next day.

Some people may say, “I can understand not living in the past” but how could I NOT think about and plan for the future? The answer is simple. If it bothered you today, I am sure it will bother you tomorrow. SO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT TODAY! Procrastination most times is what makes us avoid task or even causes great deals of stress when we realize we have put that “thing” off long enough to forget about it and now we must scramble to improvise. The issue was not the procrastination as much as it was being too busy looking to far into the future than you should have. If you planned on doing something TOMORROW that you have time to do TODAY then you have determined WITHOUT truly KNOWING for SURE that you will do something on a day you are not even sure you will have! Where as if you get it done TODAY you wont have to worry about it tomorrow, and so on and so forth.

TODAY allow yourself to be present in the present and handle TODAY what must be done TOMORROW! You will find you will be ahead of the game more often than not.

Poetry Break:

Sometimes it seems we are God’s Greatest mistake and greatest love.

God weeps while we lust and sin

As so many women have done over men

When does it end?

Is God a Black Woman?

-SomeDopeBlackGirl, 2021, SomeDopeBlackGirlWrites

“Infamously Famous” 🌟

So….I did a thing….I recently took the liberty of deleting every last one of the celebrities I follow, from all of my social media platforms, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, TikTok or Twitter. When I say “recently” I am meaning within the last month. However, just in this short amount of time, believe it or not, I have seen and felt a TREMENDOUS burden become lifted off of my shoulders. In the sense that I have felt less depressed, less “unsuccessful” and MORE ACCOMPLISHED, MORE POSITIVE, MORE AMBITIOUS and MORE REALISTIC about my OWN goals! I can’t lie, for the first couple of days I went through somewhat of a “withdrawal” process due to always looking to celebrities to tell me what I “should be doing”, “how I should look” and “what I should be talking about and aiming for”.

However, the longer I refrained the stronger I felt about my decision and now I NEVER want to go back to looking at celebrities on social media platforms for entertainment or inspiration, unless the celebrity is someone that follows the SAME morals and promotes a message I can TRULY stand behind! How often are we bombarded with Celebrity media ie: pictures, post and news about their lives? “Who they are dating, Where they have recently visited for vacation and what they did there, What new car they have purchased, How many bedrooms their new home has, What piece of jewelry they have recently purchased, When they are expecting their next child, When and who they are getting married too and where”!





I wish I could say I came to this conclusion on my OWN accord; and was not prompted by anything other than the will and desire to do, feel and be better however, as most things…..the credit for this epiphany goes to no other than the INFAMOUSLY FAMOUS BEYONCE!!! LOL recently she decided NOT to attend the Met Gala or the VMA Awards due to going on a family trip to celebrate her 20th Anniversary with her long time partner/ Husband Jay-Z as well as her children, mother and other close friends of the family. They took pictures for social media seemingly everyday for over two weeks in a variety of outfits from casual chill to lavish dinner party style gear. All on the bow of a yacht that is rumored to cost several millions of dollars meaning for a night it probably cost more than most of us pay for the mortgage on our homes for the MONTH!

As if this was not enough she is also posting non-stop videos advertising her new role as the face of Tiffany & Co. the new “Love Series” featuring her and Jay-Z at a grand piano in front of an exquisite work of art playing the role of two completely engulfed lovers that have “stood the test of time”………”bruh”……as if a whole “Lemonade” album did not rock the nation as Beyonce went on for over 20 songs about how Jay-Z was a liar, cheater and she was ready to hit the streets as a “Single Lady” again not too long ago! “Now they are the icon of what a marriage and “love” can sustain”.

Here is the kicker, Tiffany & Co. states they have decided to utilize Beyonce in an effort to make the company more appealing to younger crowds and audiences……sounds good….BUT WHO THE HELL IS BUYING 3K worth of DIAMOND EARRINGS, BRACELETS, AND RINGS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!

We are literally just now crawling out from the abyss of a WORLD-WIDE PANDEMIC and NATIONAL QUARINTINE that affected MILLIONS financially, emotionally and physically!! We are still getting stipend checks and child assistance money to support our families as they begin to lift the deferment for rent and payment for living arrangements that was put in place for those that were not able to pay their monthly expenses due to being out of work….and HERE BEYONCE COMES WITH SOME DAMN DIAMONDS ON A YACHT!!!!! Extraordinary way to tell us “normal” folks to kiss your ass B…you clearly lost no sleep during this time and perhaps even was able to spend a bit of time with your family for ONCE! Instead of charging ignorant prices for your FANS to see you for a couple of hours! I guess it’s a great look for you while others are still trying to plan how they will pay their bills and keep a roof over their children’s heads all while awaiting your next album of fabricated and entertaining stories via song to base their lives off of….

Not to mention, the ungodly sized yellow Tiffany Diamond Beyonce chose to flaunt around her neck is in fact a BLOOD DIAMOND, meaning it was mined and harvested under unethical and inhuman conditions from the slaves (that still exist) of Sierra Leon. So….let me get this right….One minute the artist is singing about BLACK LIVES MATTER and BLACK IS KING and the next she sports a BLOOD DIAMOND?? Her “mother” (rumored to be Beyoncé commenting from her mommy’s page since she is to vane and afraid to tell the world how she REALLY FEELS) quickly came to her rescue when Social Media had a field day about the singer’s misrepresentation and hypocritical stance stating “who checks the history of a diamond before they buy it. As if to say “Those that can afford the diamonds do not care about where it came from”. Then the post went silent…..

Needless to say mommy stepped down and shut up when other’s jumped on her case about her statement as if WE are supposed to research OUR diamonds before we buy them (If we can afford them) instead of admitting that Beyonce (A) took the deal (MORE MONEY) for an offer she couldn’t refuse from Tiffany & Co, (B) didnt’t care about the history of the stone because she would be the FIRST black woman to wear it, which meant much more to her than her culture and heritage or (C) BOTH! Beyonce is “not an ordinary” woman she is BEYONCE! Supposedly, the greatest ENTERTAINER of all time one minute and then should be given benefit of the doubt the next as if she is stupid enough not to know what she is showcasing after ALL THESE YEARS manipulating the public with what she WANTED them to know about her if it is even TRUE! …..yea….I don’t think so…

In closing people should focus on THEMSELVES and their REAL lives! Not the imaginary lives of the rich and famous that must put on DAILY to keep up the perception that “life is great ALL THE TIME”. If this were the case celebrities would not go bankrupt, commit suicide, get divorced or adopt drug abuse habits. Instead of envying or comparing your life to their filtered and staged pics be grateful for the fact that you do NOT have to pay for privacy the way they do to simply have a family dinner or spend intimate time with your friends and loved ones. The things you take for granted are SOMEONE ELSES treasure…imagine having MILLIONS and still being alone. Happens more than you think because that isn’t pasted on the internet 👌🏾

“Rock and Roll” (See Galleria 📸)

Original Photography by SomeDopeBlackGirlWrites: “Rock and Roll”, copyright 2021

Strong Black Woman Vs Strong Black B*tch?✊🏾💯✅

It seems the more information I share on this topic the more my own race and gender turn against me for MY truth. A portion of them are still willing to understand my point of view and even SHARE SIMILAR feelings, yet are unsure of how to express themselves in a “politically correct” fashion. I am not that woman…I am the woman that says what I mean and means what I say, SO… as I write this blog, I want all of my “STRONG, BLACK, EDUCATED, INDEPENDANT, CLASSY AND SUPPORTIVE WOMAN to STAND UP and pat themselves on the back…and I want my STRONG, BLACK, EDUCATED, INDEPENDANT, RATCHETT AND IMMATURE HEFFAS to SIT DOWN and LISTEN (if you can and not already feeling attacked) lol.

DID YOU KNOW: Men really are not INTIMIDATED BY a woman’s DEGREE or POSITION? What intimidates them is how a woman carries herself!

***I will explain later in this passage, for the moment I want to continue to layer coats of TRUTH on the OFTEN misunderstood and misinterpreted actions of others. Often times this misunderstanding is on the part of the Strong Black B*tch (SBB). These women have it ALL wrong, which only further encourages them to continue to address situations in their lives with a level of harshness, severity and manipulation that eventually lands them ALONE!! (Which ALWAYS seems to be “the fault of OTHERS” NEVER THEMSELVES).

DID YOU KNOW: Being a STRONG BLACK B*TCH will get you a high position as well as possibly allow you to be in control of many situations however, your employees, co-workers and even loved ones may not RESPECT you?

DID YOU KNOW: Being a Strong Black Woman (SBW) does not mean you must take on the burden of every emotion, hurt, loss, defeat or issue for a loved one? You can say “I can’t do this right now” or “I am not emotionally available for this” and not be a Strong Black B*tch?

Last but not least… DID YOU KNOW: Strong Black B*tches are usually highly educated, qualified and skilled in a variety of talents yet never seem to be able to solidify a team to assist them in their endeavors? Causing their dreams to often times be HARDER to achieve due to lack of assistance directly related to their demeanor or attitude?

Now, my first “little known Black History” fact was:

“Men really are not INTIMIDATED BY YOUR POSITION? What intimidates them is how you CARRY YOURSELF?” Meaning HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR DEGREES!!!! YES while he may be extremely impressed and feel a bit challenged to go above and beyond with hopes of being an independent woman’s partner; fully aware that he will need to do more than pay for a dinner and have a nice car to gain her trust and confidence. Where it goes downhill is when he mistakes a Strong Black B*tch for a Strong Black WOMAN! He finds out within the first couple interactions which one she is and whether he is looking to settle down with her or screw her, merely for the notch in his belt and then get rid of her as fast as possible.

  1. A SBB does not offer to go dutch for a date…EVER, instead she feels entitled to the gesture and feels the man should be grateful for her company alone.
  2. A SBB is often bossy or even abrasive and aggressive with advice instead of offering sound/logical insight and standing firm on her feelings about the issue while still respecting the decision that is made by the other person for THEIR LIFE!
  3. SBB’s often bash others or make them feel inadequate in public situations or suggest they are jealous of her accomplishments.
  4. SBB’s are the ULTIMATE “I TOLD YA SO”, meaning if she did offer insight on a situation and you decided not to follow it, she is the LAST person you would admit this too. This severs trust as well as gratitude for her logic and rationale even if it is useful.
  5. Last but not least, a SBB CAN NOT GET ENOUGH of talking about herself and her accomplishments. MEN LOVE CONFIDENT WOMEN, however, this comes off as self absorbed leaving little room for anyone else to sit in the corner even to admire the accolades she is trying so hard to showcase.

My second DID YOU KNOW was: Being a STRONG BLACK B*TCH will get you a high position as well as possibly allow you to be in control of many situations however, your employees, co-workers and even loved ones may not RESPECT YOU?

The hardest part of being a leader in my opinion is the harsh truth that you can not please EVERYBODY! No matter how hard you try to do what is best for your team while also considering yourself and your own mental health, there will always be someone that does not AGREE or feels you are being selfish. However, the difference between a SBB and a SBW is:

  1. A SBB never considers the thoughts, feelings or responsibilities of others only her own and feels others are lazy or attempting to sabotage her in some way when they are not able to complete HER goals/timelines, or do not agree with her vision.
  2. A SBB often throws others under the bus for her own personal gain or recognition. While it is understood that “credit should be given where credit is due”, it is not always necessary to stand on top of the soap box and announce to EVERYONE what you did, how you did it, who was supposed to do it and HOW GREAT IT IS BECAUSE YOU DID IT!…..guess what….nobody cares and now that they can see you did it “so well” you will continue to do YOURSELF! Since nobody can “do it better” than you…..right?!
  3. While SBW’s are able to solicit the help of many on her team and incorporate the idea’s of other’s to make a vision obtainable and realistic AKA giving others (even if just a mirage) a sense of importance and assurance that they are being heard and considered. A SBB will make demands as well as result in retaliation when not agreed with or an individual(s) speak out against their rude or insensitive nature.

DID YOU KNOW: Being a Strong Black Woman (SBW) does not mean you must take on the burden of every emotion, hurt, loss, defeat or issue for a loved one? You can say “I can’t do this right now” or “I am not emotionally available for this” and not be a Strong Black B*tch?

  1. More times than not, the responsibility of upholding the emotions and strength of a family or relationship (work or intimate) can fall on the shoulders of a SBW and it is assumed that because she is a SBW she never has times she just needs to focus on HER!!!
  2. As a SBW it is “OK NOT TO BE OK!” many say this however, do not offer the leverage to TRULY care for YOURSELF! It’s like saying “Get well SOON…..FR….Cause you got work to do…so hurry up” smh.
  3. Naomi Osaka was not the First to take a stand for mental health however, I am willing to put my new shoes on the line and argue that she is definitely a PIONEER for a topic that should never have been taboo in the first place! IF you are human you will have BAD DAYS! Days where you do not feel 100% or just need time to reflect on your next phases in life. Part of being a SBW is being able to recogize when you have reached that peak, so that you do not run the risk of becoming a SBB!

Lastly: DID YOU KNOW: Strong Black B*tches are usually highly educated, qualified and skilled in a variety of talents yet never seem to be able to solidify a team to assist them in their endeavors? Causing their dreams to often times be HARDER to achieve due to lack of assistance directly related to their demeanor or attitude?

  1. Surely we all have been victim to a SBB at one point or another either intimately or professionally. All they do is talk about how qualified they are, how many degrees they have, where they got them and what they got them in, their extensive training and skills. This will initially intrigue many out of sheer curiosity, however after NOT so long it gets VERY OLD! Often times it can also begin to turn others off that may have been in a position to help you, they will see you as self absorbed and cocky.
  2. If you refer back to my blog entitled “You Are NOT Beyonce” I state that there is a such thing as “playing the game”, in playing this game you must temporarily be or pretend to be someone you truly are not, long enough to obtain whatever accolade or personal gain you hope to acheive. SBB are not able to play this game. They feel it is unnecessary and a waste of time however, NOT to play the game is not an option when you are in need of other people or their services. You could be the most qualified in the room but if you are not able to apprach others with a sense of humility and grace you will also be the most qualified B*tch in the room that nobody wants to conversate with, just ABOUT!
  3. Being highly educated and marketable is a blessing, especially in the black community where it is arguably much harder to achieve the same levels of success as that of our Caucasian counterparts. Therefore, it is imperative that we not give anyone, ANY reason NOT to open the door for us to atleast stick a foot in. SBB’s do not realize the doors they close with their personalities and demeanors until it is too late. Often times causing them to lash out and suggest it is the fault of the “universe” or “people that simply do not want to see them win”….both ARE ACCURATE!!! When you feed sh*t into the atmosphere naturally sh*t will come back to you, and when you are not a team player or someone that can be worked with naturally others will NOT WANT TO SEE YOU SUCCEED. Because they feel the victory will only further BLOW YOUR HEAD UP!

I know this post may have came off a bit harsh and even abrasive for my SBB‘s but WHY NOT!!!! They come off that way to EVERYONE! Why not give them a dose of their own medicine as well as let it be known that IT’S NOT COOL! Stop blaming everyone for your downfalls as if you don’t know why people are not falling over themselves to assist you! The fact is you can be a SBW without being a SBB and sometimes certain situations will call for the SBB in a SBW to emerge…however, if she is doing it right those times will be seldom. My father use to tell me you can always find the idiot in a crowded room if you listen to who is talking the loudest and THE MOST!!!!!

Ladies be aware of yourselves and remember your place in the GAME! If you make the right moves you will never have to sacrifice YOURSELF AKA allow others to CHOOSE not to support your cause or development merely based on their IMPRESSION of you… are THE QUEEN in this GAME ♟. When it comes to a romantic relationship remember…the Queen may be the most powerful piece on the board but when your KING dies….it’s GAME OVER! Remembering your PLACE does not mean not being able to MAKE MOVES or that you have to succumb to any level of disrespect or neglect. SBB‘s….STOP BEING AFRAID that someone will take advantage of you! The fact of the matter is you are taking advantage of yourself and shorting YOURSELF…my mom use to say “It’s a lot easier to attract bees 🐝 with honey 🍯 than shxt 💩”.

As always thank you for reading and I hope to hear your insight on this topic! No comment is blocked, erased or reported on my site! I am GROWN! All I ask is that you remain RESPECTFUL, especially my SBB’s!!! SEE YA!


Scrolling over endless Facebook post, allowing myself to be bombarded with images comprised of women flaunting their figures but not in a mature, humble and satisfied way, instead in a dissatisfied with their own personal worth type way. Along with men attempting to secure clout by showcasing money, gold, cars, clothes and alcohol. There are specks of brothers and sisters that have recently graduated with a higher education, are getting married, starting families and taking trips. BUT THE MAJORITY around 70% are of the Cardi B/Offset brand. When I say the Cardi B/ Offset Brand I am speaking about anyone that truly believes that being or acting like a stripper in the Bronx could also get YOU discovered? Or that running drugs in the street and having several baby mamas, while making beats in your basement is going to get you a deal?

Imagine working at whatever job you have, as a boss or supervisor of some sort. Often times you must put on a certain “face” when dealing with certain individuals. They call it “ playing the game”. Many may not know what I am talking about and some will still be following the point I am trying to make. Part of the game is being someone other than who you REALLY ARE, at least long enough to get what you want or need from a particular situation. Manipulation makes the world go round. If you disagree you are also in DENIAL. People want a SHOW and someone has to put on that SHOW!!!! They are called ENTERTAINERS meaning it is their JOB to look or act a certain WAY! Most times this is not who they are in REAL life hence why they are TRULY millionaires…

I am a bit scared to present my next observation due to the overly consumed following this particular celebrity carries (The Beyhive). BEYONCÉ!!!!! There I said it! Beyoncé in my opinion is one of the most SUCCESSFUL and MANIPULATIVE stars of our generation! She knows EXACTLY what people want to see, hear and talk about! For example, she was not singing about being a BLACK woman and shooting videos about “BLACKDOM” before the “Black Lives Matter” demonstrations began which was only after the untimely deaths of members of the black community such as Martin, Floyd, Bland & Taylor. Out of this tragedy came great publicity, and from that publicity came “Black is King” by Beyoncé.

My second, yet FIRST observation came when she released her album “Lemonade” which was entirely about her many emotions, joys, victories and defeats that stemmed from the ALLEGATIONS of her husband Jay-Z cheating on her. Which was never FULLY revealed if the rumor was TRUE or FALSE! However, with a little publicity of her sister Solange flipping out in the “infamous elevator scene” again THE CROWD WENT WILD and the album went Platinum as they BOTH got paid along with being SO full of joy at their LUCK (a.k.a. people really giving a crap about their lives so much as to spend thousands of dollars to hear about it, while surrounded by thousands of strangers in a claustrophobic arena for 3-4 hours, whether it is true or not) shortly after the album was released and the hype of whether she was going to stay with Jay-Z or not began to die down, Beyoncé announced that she was pregnant with TWINS! 😂

After ALL THAT hooping and hollering about being “stronger than being neglected and mistreated”, “sorry not sorry about moving on” and “ready to take a stand for her own sanity and respect” they remained together as they have the last 20 some years! Meanwhile all of us “onlookers” swept away by the story told in each song had learned to HATE Jay-Z at least until his album “444” debuted shortly after the release of “Lemonade” and the same folks that wanted to see him divorced, lonely and STILL UGLY, now wanted to know what he had to say for himself for cheating on America’s “BLACK QUEEN”! Causing the album to be history making as well! Smh it’s safe to say even if the speculation of cheating WAS true it sure made them MILLIONAIRES….AGAIN!

Cardi B and Offset pulled the same stunt! Offset is a cheater and Cardi is moving on! Lmfaoooo yea ok… baby #2 just debuted along with the new albums and shoes, etc. 😂. She stated “We did alot of talking and God gave us another little blessing” lol. I would have loved to hear the conversation God heard to grant them “another blessing” because shortly after Cardi posed Naked along with an up and coming artist in a new song music video, kissing and caressing one another as if Cardi had decided to be full lesbian…which we all know “God doesn’t approve of”…right?

Never the less I present this opinion with hopes of obtaining the opinion of others that may be involved with the African-American Culture of Music and Art and will understand where I am coming from or perhaps have their own take on what is being publicized. Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!

Dear Black Men, We Don’t Want Your MONEY!!! 💰 💵

Recently I spontaneously decided to join an Instagram LIVE session of one of my followers, simply to tune in and be nosey lol. I had never spoken to this gentleman before other than liking a couple post and scrolling on. However, the first few bites of this LIVE had me HOOKED! The follower that I chose to “intrued upon” was an African-American male more than likely in his mid to late 30’s. He was speaking on “If you could be PRO-BLACK and still date outside of your race?”. This has always been a touchy topic for African-American Women as WE are often the ones targeted or chosen LAST, after white women, Indian women and whatever other race. Regardless of the escalating rates of black women obtaining a higher education, not being bogged down with 3-4 “baby daddy’s”, securing their OWN home, OWN car and paying their OWN bills ( which is what Black men claim to find pleasing in the hunt to find a suitable partner), it seems we are STILL losing the race when it comes to being selected by our “Black Kings”. Either due to our “personalities” or because having a different race woman means she’s “exotic” and strokes his ego. Somewhere along the way the conversation turned into something much deeper…we began to talk about dating in general and how black men have changed in regards to how they treat ALL women no matter the RACE.

*First off let me offer my opinion on the above question:

“Can you be Pro-Black and still date outside of your race?”

My answer to this is OF COURSE!!! Taking pride in who you are, your heritage and your skin complexion has NOTHING to do with who you connect with physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. As long as they respect how you feel about your race and your people and do not take it as a slander that you selected them over a member of your own genre. I personally do not see an issue with this…I do see an issue with Black Men that state “I don’t like Black Women due to (Fill in the Blank). This to me is not only direct disrespect but also the highest level of ignorance in my book considering their mother was more than likely a BLACK WOMAN or somewhere along the line a BLACK WOMAN was utilized in the making of THEM! In other words it’s the self-hate that I can’t wrap my head around.

I could take this blog left field and say that it is just their sheer DUMB LUCK FOR PICKING THE CHICKEN HEADS AND B*TCHES OF THE BUNCH, because “we are NOT all the same” a quote that seems to be embedded in EVERY man’s DNA when a woman feels the need to be CAUTIOUS due to past mistakes! However, instead I will say, it is unfortunate that their selections did not provide the outcomes they were expecting however, hopefully they have learned to spot these red flags in ALL women…not just black women….

********************************************Now…moving along…the conversation turned into one about “relationships and dating” in general, I will try to keep this post specific to the characteristics I have noticed in regards to BLACK MEN and not stray too far into the “dating/courting” space because that is for a WHOLE NOTHER BLOG.

A gentleman came aboard the LIVE and asked:

Am I wrong for expecting some sort of reciprocity (physical) from a woman if I take her out on a lovely evening and spend a decent amount of money ($100+) on our date?

This question urked my nerves from the moment it left his lips due to the fact that he is not the FIRST, SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH, FIFTH, SIXTH, SEVENTH etc etc etc. BLACK male I have heard ask this completely ignorant and misogynistic question! Just because you spend money on a woman means she owes you her BODY??? Is this a date or are you ORDERING A PROSTITUTE?! Many Black men have felt a black WOMAN misled them or led them on, simply for a free meal or drinks or whatever! But in reality….WE DONT NEED YOU TO BUY OUR FOOD AND DRINKS!!! It’s nice to have a man say we look nice and that they enjoy looking at us BECAUSE SOME OF US HAVE REALLY LOW SELF ESTEEM and enjoy being seen and getting ATTENTION! When a dude feels because he paid for a meal, we should allow them into our bodies it makes me wonder how they would feel if a dude said that to his daughter!!!! Dumb ASF RIGHT!!!!!

In fact since you think after a couple dates I owe you @ss, then after we screw I want to be IN A RELATIONSHIP!!!😂💪🏾🏆 Oh is that too much??? 👀👀👀

My next topic is men that are afraid to spend ANY MONEY on a woman because he “has been hurt in the past”. I understand that but guess what sweetie…”WE ALL BEEN HURT!!!!!” Stop using it as an excuse to be CHEAP OR CHINCHY!!! Then wonder why a woman left you for a man with MORE MONEY!!!! If she left it was because you made her feel she wasn’t worth it!

Keep in mind, I am speaking on behalf of Strong Black Women not Strong Black Bxtches (check out my blog on that if you don’t know the difference). If you have COMMUNICATED what your intentions where and she road with it then pulled the plug SEVERAL times before the act and y’all are GROWN!!!! Then you may need to give her some space! If all she wants to do is shop and spend money and never returns with so much as a new razor for you DUMP HER!!! These characteristics do not have a RACE! Also BLACK MEN need to realize that while in most cases your “heart is tied to your wallet” unless you plan to be with your wallet ALONE you must learn to share with a partner you can TRUST!! Life is hard not just for you but PERIOD!!!

Social media enjoys broadcasting loose women seemingly obsessed with money and sex (Cardi, Meghan, etc). Black men more so than any are the most impressionable population for this sort of publicity due to feelings of personal inadequacy that dates back to the WILLIE LYNCH LETTER!!!! There are several reasons HOW and WHY but this post would NEVER END!

As always I appreciate you for reading and reflecting with me! I hope to hear from you soon!

Dirty Buddha 🕌

Sometimes I wonder if “religion” is the root of all evil. By no means am I suggesting that people do not need SOMETHING to believe in, because without certain values and principles who knows what this world would become. As if things are not bad enough, imagine a world without the sheer existence of the “golden Rule”, to “do unto others as you would have them to do unto you”. In some cases religion is the only thing keeping some of us attached to reality. “Faith” in something or someone, a higher power that sees and knows all that works as an imaginary line in the sand that says “you are going to far” or “still you have so much further to go”.

I personally identify as a Christian but still other religions such as Buddhism, Taoism, Satanism, Judaism, Catholic even Wiccan or Muslim all have a center focus to “do no harm” the error in a seemingly fool proof standard is “who is deciding what is good and what is evil? While all seem to be founded on the same principle which is to answer to a being other than ones self. Someone has decided what that looks like. While I pray to God others pray to other sources and this does not necessarily make them wrong so it turns out. Even the Bible says God goes by MANY names. Is it possible he is all of these things.

Some choose not to honor a higher power at all and are guided instead by an internal standard known as common sense. They pose the question “do I truly need to go to church or some variant of a ceremonial congregation on any certain day at any certain time for the rest of my life to be a “good person”. “Do I need a book to tell me not to kill, steal or destroy other people’s belongings”, and when asked about the desire for an after life they simply shrug and ask “if there is an after life how do we TRULY know who got in or did not? Nobody is able to come back and tell us”. Again our great book states to walk by faith and not by sight which to me would stand as a catch all stamp on the many unanswered questions that religion breeds however, still some choose not to buy in.

God, Lord, Yahweh, El Shaddai, and many other names have been utilized to pay respect to the same person. Who are we to say his name is not also Buddha, Allah or any other name if the morals and principles are all the same even the promise of eternal life in exchange for “serving him” while in our human form here on earth. The story that stands out to me the most when considering this is the story of the Tower of Babel in the Bible. The Lord came down and saw that the people had built a tower so high it almost reached heaven. The lord stated “if they can do this soon they will reach heaven and be like me” there for he gave them all different languages which hindered them from being able to communicate with one another to progress any further in the building of the structure.

Is it possible that “religion” split off into many different branches at this very moment? As the people fumbled to translate the same story and facts observed, just as certain words and gestures mean different things depending on the language this could have been the cause for the screw. The only principles that seem standard are the 10 commandments:

1) “I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have any strange gods before Me.”

2) “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.”

3) “Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day.”

4) “Honor thy father and mother.”

5) “Thou shalt not kill.”

6) “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

7) “Thou shalt not steal.”

8) “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

9) “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife.”

10) “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods.”

These all seem like common sense rules and guidelines therefore is it truly necessary to have a “religion” at all? I look forward to your comments and feedback 💕

“Ruins” SomeDopeBlackGirlWrites, Copyright 2021

“Who If Not US Will Advocate For OUR CHILDREN” -Sarah Herbin 🧸

Greetings All! I am pleased to inform you that I have recently written and published my FIRST African-American Children’s book entitled “Same Kind of People”. I am more than thrilled at the insight it has given my friends, family, loved ones and supporters. The book is based on the fact that WE (Black people) are seen in the eyes of other cultures and nationalities as the “SAME KIND OF PEOPLE” regardless of our skin pigment (some red, yellow, dark brown etc), Hair type (curly, straight, kinky), height, weight, style or gender.

We are all BLACK and should be PROUD of the many achievements, milestones, historical statements we have made and hurdles we have overcome within society. We must also celebrate the movement of Black Lives Matter that has become WORLDWIDE after the untimely and unjustified deaths of individuals such as: George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin and others R.I.H. 10% of the sales of my book will be donated to the African-American non-profit foundation entitled “The Black Child Development Institute” in Greensboro, NC. Their mission is to improve and advance the quality of life for black children and their families through education and advocacy. They provide black children MOST LIKELY NOT to succeed academically with study materials, academic supplies, tutoring, after-school programs and summer camps.

I never thought I would be an ACTUAL author, even though I have enjoyed writing blogs in my spare time for many years. I simply liked to vent or speak on topics that were prominent. However, I am more than honored to have a stamp on the world now, no matter how tiny or how small. I am a part of the change I wish to see! Here is a sneek peek of the book and the link to order on Amazon for yourself or your babes story time <3.

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